Thursday, 26 April 2012

Four Tips on How to Teach Your Children to Manage Toys

Firstly, encourage your children to exchange toys with their friends
Children would be tired of the kids toys which they had played for a long time even the toys are the best ones. What's more, they would not cherish the toys bought for them by parents.
How to solve this problem? You can encourage your children to exchange toys with their friends and during the change process, parents should not give too much suggestion and even interference in children decision.
Secondly, guide the good habits to play with toys by parents patience
In many family, parents always command, urged, rebuke, punish and even threat their kids if children don't want to play with one toy or don't want to put their toys away. In fact, it is a wrong family education way. If you are smart parents, you should smile and tell your kids that these toys also need to sleep and let's together put them away. With your friendly manner and patience, children get the pleasure and learn how to tidy toys.
Thirdly, display kids toys with specific rules
Kids always put their favorite toys at the place where they are easy to get, it is a good behaviour because children would become more independent if they can get the things they want. In addition, as parents, you should know that you should display kids toys with specific rules. For example, put the heavy things at the bottom so that children would not get injury when they want to get. At the same time, put the things such as paints, crayons, clay, colored pencils, all of which are easy to soil house, at the upper location. Parents should also teach kids to paste the text or image label on the container so that they can easily identify the toys in the box and container. Gradually, children know how to classify, organize things and cultivate the good habit of put the things at the original location after use.
Fourthly, respect children opinion
When tiding toys, parents should fully respect the children opinion and should not force and even threat. When you want to discard one kid toy, you should tell children the reason why you want to discard and strive to gain his consent. As for some out of date kids toys which you want to discard but your kids still cherish and strongly reluctant to discard, it doesn't matter you keep them for kids and ask them to play a few days later.

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